Pathway 4 LS

Unit 1 column1 column2 column3 column4 column5 specifically Venice/ Venetians dedicate…to… innovative barrier tourism extremely profitable By comparison strol gondolas inflation souvenir shops triple regulate residential buildings authorize thereby property scarcity affordable housing the root of so many problems It’s estimated that… generate in revenue financial pressure canal renovation unemployment rate Easter and Carnival maximize priority / prioritize unique challenges aging infrastructure rooftop farming tremendous environmental benefit ecosystem at the small scale a drop in the bucket gain momentum create a tidal shift beautification project Wisconsin passion absolutely no utilization dive into… pioneer a movement acre Brooklyn and Queens core business urban apiary a considerable revenue stream valuable complete the circle of life blower truck essentially hopper pressurized tube compost mushroom production Pennsylvania blended with… porous a typical rock harbor microbial activity drainage and aeration gallons of water urban heat island effect become alienated from… a significant fraction mythical creature natural resources different ethnic groups conform to the laws urbanized built-up areas a really powerful economy ranks second in terms of… an innovative economy affluent countries prime minister dominant Singapore/Singaporeans be accustomed to working hard internalize chewing gum enforce spitting on the street get you a huge fine flush the toilet a debatable point agree to disagree on… a fascinating place the test will be a breeze a life saver Unit 2 column1 column2 column3 column4 column5 status wipe out habitat threaten be to blame ongoing impose extinct/ extinction modify thrive sparrow Florida chemicals mosquito wetland destruction endangered species enforce landowner ban die out virtually teem with give or take territorial/ territory mating season intensly approach protective laid-back sociable captive crocodile Iran Myanmar Sri Lanka irrigate thriving good omen stay alert dominance flashlight authority initiated sustainable contrary to controversy undeniable neglect predator prey on upkeep activate prior knowledge legalized argue in favor of argue against argument opposing argument wildlife conservation natural habitat cruel irresponsible illegally violation rare follow the law pros and cons Unit 3 column 1 column 2 column 3 column 4 column 5 high-fashion modeling random/randomly distinct/distinctly alarming ratio evolve/evolution exclusively/exlusive excessively/excessive envision perceive/perception constitute attractiveness symmetry/symmetrical golden ratio ideal distance lip chin social/cultural background beholder average-looking observer length perference anthropologist standard scar crossed eyes tattoo universal outline a touch of conform master mold silicone special effects rubber-like hollow lifelike mask quick-drying makeup eyebrow eyelash a series of hardended come off be injected into wrap plaster bandage vaseline integrate be derived from constructive exhibit/exhibition daydream unquestionably practical substantially insert persuasive addictive decorative alternative innovative antigravity jacket bullet-proof vest wearable electronics spider silk fund wearable technology balloon man-made fiber steel astronaut gene goat Space clothing sleeve sneaker track hiker Unit 4 column 1 column 2 column 3 column 4 column 5 skill set in this age of globalization current economic growth level promising the world economy creating enough quality jobs widespread unemployment unemployed to make things worse secure jobs acquire skills thrive global competences the secret to success identify successful professionals in a tight labor market personal competence social competence business competence cultural competence overview highlight components expand outward individual psychology pertain to… strengths and weaknesses emotional intelligence facilitate decision making to be realistic but optimistic stay positive essential motivate sb.

Pandas notes

Pandas Notes Pandas Notes 公共键 重复行处理 行转列 一行生成多行 字典拆分成多列 列转行 列转行(键值列) 注:示例在demo目录下可以找到 公共键 1 2 3 4 # 本例的目的就是

Linux default user has no sound

Error Presentation default user has no sound, but the root user has sound. after some attempts, my user group is: 1 zarkli adm dialout cdrom floppy sudo audio dip video plugdev netdev wireshark bluetooth lpadmin pulse-access kaboxer but it is of no use. I tried to catch the log of pulseaudio service by using command systemctl --user status pulseaudio, and I got error log like this : 1 2 3 xxx failed to create sink input: sink is suspended.

Fish completion

1 complete -f -c blog -a "(ls /home/zarkli/Documents/blog/exotic/content/post)" for more help, using command help complete

Using GPG

Function of GPG mainly: Encrypt and decrypt files Verify the signature Generate GPG key Generate key 1 gpg --full-generate-key # It's fine to using default value List key 1 2 gpg --list-secret-key gpg --list-public-key the result may look like: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ┌──(zarkli㉿kali)-<Sa